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"The Good Old Times on the Farm"

Photograph of the Adkins-Stevenson farmstead in Bement, IL. This was the home of Charles Adkins, former Speaker of the House of Illlinois. He was a farmer, lecturer, educator, and politician.

1327 E. Condit St.

Photograph of the house at 1327 E. Condit St.

1582 N. Main St., Decatur, IL

Photograph of 1582 N. Main St. in Decatur, IL

1985 W. Forest Ave

Photograph of the Roberts' family house at 1985 W. Forest Ave. in Decatur, IL in 1932.

3 Unknown Men with a String of Fish

Photograph of 3 unknown men holding a long string of fish in front of a house.

637 W. Macon St., Decatur, IL

Photograph of the house at 637 W. Macon St., Decatur, IL. This is the Roberts family home.

829 W. Leafland Ave, Decatur, IL

Photograph of 829 W. Leafland Ave. in Decatur, IL.

Adkins Family in Front of the House

Photograph of the Adkins family standing outside of a house in Decatur, IL

At the Home of Otto Smith in Puente, CA

Photograph of William and Augusta Besalke and an unknown couple at Otto Smith's house in Puente, CA in June 1939.