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Herd of Cows
This is the glass negative of a heard of cows in a field. The photo was taken by Charles Wasson of Wasson Studios in Decatur, IL in the early 1900s.

James Siburt's Oral History

This is the oral history of James Siburt. He was interviewed by Betty Turnell on January 31, 1984. The interview covers his time working for the Railway Express.

Photograph of N. Water St. at the 900 Block
Photograph of N. Water St. at the 900 block at King Anson Packard's home. He owned an 80 acre farm bordered at Broadway, now Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, on the east, Water on the west and extending south from King. This photo was made in the…

Photograph of the Stapp Lions
These lions were purchased by Dr. J.T.B. Stapp and placed in front of his home at 252 N. Franklin St. in the early 1880's. This house was later purchased by I.A. Harkrader. The lions stood at that address until Mrs. Rollo C. Persinger, who last…

Photograph of Farmer's Market 1911
Public market of 1911-1913. Decatur housewives used to go to the east side of Central Park for direct-from-the-farm produce. This picture was taken in November of 1911 and not an auto truck in sight.

Photograph of the Townsend Home
Photograph of the Townsend home after the 1940 murder/suicide of Ezra Townsend and Amy Townsend.

Photo of Parrish Farm Milk House
Photograph of Parrish Farm Milk House Scene, Man Pouring Milk. Photo taken Sept. 22, 1929.