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Lady Sitting in a Flower Garden
This is a colorized glass negative of a lady sitting on a bench in a flower garden. There is a pavilion-type building in the background with a crowd around it. The photo was taken by Charles Wasson of Wasson Studios in Decatur, IL in the early…

Nelson Park - Pavilion
These are photos and negatives of the Nelson Park pavilions, both the old pavilion (c. 1910) and the new one. Also shown is the opening night dance of the new pavilion on July 14, 1931. The photos were taken by Rembrandt Studio and the Herald and…

Fairview Park - Picnic Area 1937
These negatives depict the picnic area at Fairview Park. One scene shows a man drinking from a water fountain with a small pavilion in the background. The other is a close-up of the man drinking from the water fountain. The photos were taken by…

Fairview Park - Old Settlers' Reunion
These are the photographs of the Old Settlers' Reunion on August 18, 1898. The reunion was held at the pavilion in Fairview Park. The photos were taken by J.K. Stafford.

Fairview Park - Pavilion
These are the photographs of the pavilion at Fairview Park. One photo includes woman and girls standing around the flower bed in front of the pavilion. The photos were taken around 1900.