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Fairview Park - Ice Skating

PK4-Fairview_Park_Dreamland Skating_1908.jpg
These are photographs of people skating on Dreamland Lake at Dreamland Park, which later became part of Fairview Park. The photos were taken by J.K. Stafford on February 2, 1908.

Fairview Park - Winter Scene 1909

PK9-FAIRVIEW_PARK-4, 1-31-1909.jpg
Winter scenes of Fairview Park that were taken by J.K. Stafford on January 31, 1909.

Fairview Park - Old Settlers' Reunion

These are the photographs of the Old Settlers' Reunion on August 18, 1898. The reunion was held at the pavilion in Fairview Park. The photos were taken by J.K. Stafford.

Fairview Park - Pavilion

These are the photographs of the pavilion at Fairview Park. One photo includes woman and girls standing around the flower bed in front of the pavilion. The photos were taken around 1900.

Fairview Park - Natural Spring

PK3-Fairview Park_Natural Spring_1909.jpg
These are the photographs of the natural spring at Fairview Park that was on the south side of the Park by Park Place. It bubbled up in a cobble masonry until 1908 when the Seventh Ward sewer was put in. The photos were taken in 1897 and 1909

Fairview Park - Couple on a Bridge

PK2-Fairview Park_couple-11-1908.jpg
This is a photograph of a man and woman standing on a bridge in Fairview Park. The photograph was taken by J.K. Stafford in November 1908.

Photograph of East Prairie St.

Photograph of a horse being driven along East Prairie St. in Decatur around 1900 expresses his dislike of a new horseless carriage chugging along the corner. This picture of old Decatur was made from one of a number of glass negatives found in the…

Automobile Travelling Past the Ottenheimer & Co. Store

Photograph of unknown people in an automobile travelling past the Ottenheimer & Co. store at 257 N. Water St. on March 24, 1907.

J.C. Rainey in his Automobile East of the Spangler Bridge

Photograph of J.C. Rainey sitting in his automobile east of Spangler Bridge on march 28, 1909. Rainey was the brother-in-law of James K. Stafford, and at one time, lived at the Velwyn Sanitarium.

Couple in an Automobile in Front of Cheap Charley

Photograph of an unknown couple sitting in an automobile outside of Cheap Charley on E. Main St. in Decatur, IL on October 7, 1907. Other unknown people are walking down the street.