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Decatur Public Library Local History Photo Collection

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Personnel Policy and Public Relations - June 2016 - agenda and minutes

These are the minutes and agenda of the Personnel Policy and Public Relations committee meeting in June 2016. Items discussed were local history room assistant job description, continuing education and travel policy, sex offender policy, staffing

Special Board of Directors Budget Meeting - January 3, 1991

These are the minutes of a special board of directors meeting on January 3, 1991. At this meeting the committee discussed the budget, staffing, materials, expenditures, revenue, operational audit, and pay increases/cost of living.

1990-1991 Long Range Plans and Cost

These are the longs range goals and cost for the Decatur Public Library for 1990-1991. These goals and cost include ongoing goals and actions steps for volunteers, customer relations, annual report, adult programs, funding, employee handbook,…

Mission Statement and Long Range Plans and Cost 1989-1994.

This is the mission statement and long range plans and cost of the Board of Directors for the Decatur Public Library in 1989-1994. This plan includes executive summary, mission statement, long range plans, timetable, financial summary, and goals and…

Board of Directors Meeting - February 16, 1973

This is the minutes and agenda from the meeting of the Board of Directors on February 16, 1973. At this meeting, the Board discussed the work accomplished by the Technical Services Department, staffing needs, bids for the sale of the unused…