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Pardon the Dust: Decatur Downtown Streetscape Enhancement Project - March 2012

This is a letter and small description of the Decatur downtown streetscape enhancement project in March 2012. Items stated were renovation ideas, goals, phases, and a map. Contact person Ashe Brown

Minutes of the Long Range Planning Committee in September 2011

These are the minutes of the long range planning committee in September. Items reviewed and discussed were survey committee report, working notes of outline, and goals. Goals consisted of good customer service, excellent conditions,, easy access,…

Annual Report of Board of Trustees, of the City Librarian, and to Illinois State Library May 1989

These are the three reports due each year from the Board of Trustees and the City Librarian.
These report were completed in May of 1989. They deal with monies received, expenditures, trust funds, materials available, material circulated, goals,…

Mission Statement and Long Range Plans and Cost 1989-1994.

This is the mission statement and long range plans and cost of the Board of Directors for the Decatur Public Library in 1989-1994. This plan includes executive summary, mission statement, long range plans, timetable, financial summary, and goals and…