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Christmas Dinner

Photograph of the Adkins family having Christmas Dinner.

Four Generations of Wittke Men

Photograph of 4 generations of the Wittke men: Ferdinand Wittke, Fred Wittke, an unknown man, and an unknown boy. Photograph was taken by Hubbard Studio in Decatur, IL .

1st Communion for an Unknown Boy

Photograph of a unknown boy during his 1st Communion taken by Van Deventer Studios in Decatur, IL

Unknown Boy

Photograph of an unknown boy taken by Hubbard Studios in Decatur, IL .

Grubbs and Maddox Family

Photograph of Ida, Leonard, and Mabel Grubbs with an unknown man, woman, and boy in front of the Maddox house.

Grandma Maddox and Her Grandchildren

Photograph of Grandma Maddox with two grandchildren, The little girl is Mabel Grubbs, while the unknown boy is possibly Mabel's cousin.

Boy with his Grandparents

Photograph of an unknown boy with Grandma and Grandpa Maddox. Possibly a cousin of Mabel.

Unknown Boy (possibly Kenneth Grubbs) at DHS

Photograph of an unknown boy (possibly Kenneth Grubbs) standing in front of the Decatur High School.