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Photographs of 219 N. Pine St.

HO63-219 N PINE, H W HILL, 1896.jpg
Photographs of 219 N. Pine St. This house was built by H.W. Hill in 1877. It was located on the corner block at Pine and William streets. The Property and house was willed to his son, John, who sold it in 1909 to several men who divided it into lots…

Photographs from the Whitmer Heating Plant Fire

FR115-WHITMER HEATING PLANT-1, 1-31-1918.jpg
Photographs from the January 31, 1918 Whitmer Heating Plant fire. This heating plant was located in a basement behind the Brunswick Hotel, at the northwest corner of Water and Wood, and at the rear of the Leon & Morris store. The plant was started by…

Photograph from the Leon & Morris Fire

FR32-LEON & MORRIS, 9-14-1913.jpg
Photograph from the September 15, 1913 fire that occurred at the Leon & Morris Implement store on E Wood St. The fire did an estimate of $5,000 worth of damage.

Chopping Wood

Postcard of William Besalke chopping wood with unknown children, women and a man.