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Photograph of Eli Ulery Log Cabin

Photograph of Eli Ulery's log cabin, probably built around the 1840's or 1850's. In the 1871 city directory Ulery was listed as a cattle dealer and resident of 22 W. William St. This photograph dates to about 1900 and is by Thomas McCluskey of…

Photographs of 219 N. Pine St.

HO63-219 N PINE, H W HILL, 1896.jpg
Photographs of 219 N. Pine St. This house was built by H.W. Hill in 1877. It was located on the corner block at Pine and William streets. The Property and house was willed to his son, John, who sold it in 1909 to several men who divided it into lots…

Photograph of Northwest Corner of Edward and William Streets

HO44-EDWARD_&_WILLIAM_ST, NW_CORNER, 12-6-1946.jpg
Photograph of the house at the Northwest corner of Edward and William Street taken December 6, 1946.

Photograph of the 200 Block at William St. and N. Church St.

Photograph of the houses at the 200 block at William St. and N. Church St. on the Southwest corner. Dr. S.T. Trowbridge bought it from William Traver some time before the Civil War. It then stood on N. Water St. between William and North. Dr.…

Photograph of the corner of N. Church St. and William St.

HO40-300_BLOCK_N_CHURCH_ST, D_C_SHOCKLEY_HSE, 7-22-1905.jpg
Photograph of the house at the 300 Block of N. Church St. and William St. corner. Built about 1880 by D.C. Shockley. It was torn down when the Masonic Temple was built on that site. The Temple was started in October 1927.

Photograph from the Decatur Furniture Company Fire

FR17-DECATUR FURNITURE CO, 11-19-1891.jpg
Photograph from the fire at the Decatur Furniture Company, located at 667 E. William St, which occurred on March 19, 1891.