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Photos of Suffern-Hunt Mill

Photograph of the Suffern-Hunt Mill--Union St. at Wabash Railroad. sold to American Hominy co. in 1905, sold to Edward Evans 10/3/1924, sold to Decatur Milling Co. 10/26/1924. Wabash R.R. Crossing Shanty in the foreground. Photograph of the new…

Photo of People With Hay Wagons, Mules and Horses

BIO502-hay making at Grandma Emmas - 1905 Cisco IL001.jpg
Photograph of making hay at the home of Grandma Emma. Carmi, Louie and Ma Emma standing by mules. The family horse "old Maud" hitched to "top buggy". Photo taken 1905 in Cisco, IL. About 3 miles north of Cisco, IL.

Photos of Leader Iron Works

Photograph of Leader Iron Works, photo by George Baker of Decatur. Ran in the Review, 11/19/1911. Plant located at 2100 block N. Jasper St., Decatur, IL.. Photograph of Leader Iron Works Interior, photo ran in the Review 11/19/1905. Photograph of…

John Pistorius

BIO310-PISTORIUS_JOHN, 7-16-1905.jpg
Photograph of John Pistorius, prominent farmer of Macon County, IL. (died 6/23/1910). John Pistorius lived in Boody, IL. He at one time owned 1400 acres of the best Macon County land which he divided among his children. He came here from Germany in…

William H. Piatt

Photograph of William H. Piatt's 89th birthday dinner held at Briar Crest, large group of men in the photo. Photo taken Oct 24, 1905. For story see microfilm of the Decatur Review, Oct 24, 1905.

Rev. Mathias S. "Ticey" Kaufman

Photograph of Rev. Mathias S. "Ticey" Kaufman. He was originally from Decatur, and worked as a clerk at W.E. Crissey's bookstore in 1865. He was known in Decatur for his running and jumping ability, and was a veteran of the Civil War. He was also…

Smith Mill in 1905

Photograph of Smith Mill in 1905

Smith Mill in 1905

Photograph of Smith Mill in 1905.