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Board of Directors Zoom Meeting - May 2020 - minutes, agenda, packet

These are the agenda, minutes, and packet of the Zoom meeting of the board of directors in May 2020. Items discussed and acted upon were tech services, system admin, archives, special collection, public input, capital needs, space plan, finance and…

Core Standards Board of Directors - Serving Our Public - 2012

These are part of the core standards that were studied by the board of directors in 2012. Serving our Public standards studied were governance and administration, introduction, facilities, and personnel.

Board of Directors Meeting - April 2011 - agenda and minutes

These are the agenda and minutes of the board of directors meeting in April 2011. Items discussed were city librarian's report, finance and properties bills and budget, pending litigation in close session, RPLS merger, Friends book sale, long range…

Board of Directors Meeting - Agenda - 2009

This is the agenda for the December meeting of the board of directors. Topics include approving November's minutes, city librarians report, Personnel Policy and Public Relations, by-laws, inter library loan, close session, Finance and Properties,…