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Decatur Public Library Local History Photo Collection

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Circulation Reports - February, March, and January - 2012

These are the circulation reports for February, March and January of 2012. Items reported were YTD allocations, annual budget, allocation description, code, currently encumbered, percent spent and encumbered, percent spent, unexpected balance, and…

Average Cost Discount Chart for Books and AV Materials 1985-1990

This is an average cost discount chart for books and AV materials from 1985 to 1990. Books and AV materials are divided into the following categories, adults, youth, juvenile, extension, reference, adult services, compact disc, cossets, books on…

Statistical Reports for 1990

These are the Statistical Reports for 1990. They include circulation, tech services, financial reports, and staff strengths. Details include information on books, AV materials, circulation, new books, new titles, books withdrawn, books mended, gifts,…

Annual and Monthly Statistical Reports of the Decatur Public Library 1989.

These are the annual and monthly statistical reports of the Decatur Public Library as presented to the Board of Directors. These reports list circulation statistics for books, av, and others materials, books added, withdrawn and mended, gifts.…

Memo to Michael Stogdill for overdue library books and fines March/June 1989

These are memos concerning fines sent to Mr. Michael Stogdill for overdue library books. A copy of the fines and book titles are also included.

Statistical Report Decatur Public Library Decatur, IL December 1988

This is the statistical report for the Decatur Public Library presented to the Decatur Board of Directors in December 1988. This reports covers circulation statistics, technical services, financial report, staff strengths, books and AV added,…

Photographs of the Interior of the Decatur Public Library on North St.

Various photographs of the interior of the library when it was located on North St. in the 1970's through the 1990's.