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Walter Hutchin

BIO185-HUTCHIN_WALTER, 8-16-1909.jpg
Photograph of Walter Hutchin (d. 12/18/1917). He was a shoe salesman for 29 years. Came to Decatur in 1880, and worked or W.F. Busher in a shoe store on E. Main St. After 4 years, he left Busher and bought shoe stock of I.B. Massey at 117 N. Water…

Bert J. Hardy

BIO167-HARDY_BERT_J, 11-3-1916.jpg
Photograph of Bert J. Hardy (d. 11/2/1916). He was a shoe salesman in Decatur for 35 years. He was a member of the Folrath & Hardy store, which became Folrath & Folrath. In 1899, he formed a partnership with Walter Hutchin at 139 N. Water St.…