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Walter Hutchin

BIO185-HUTCHIN_WALTER, 8-16-1909.jpg
Photograph of Walter Hutchin (d. 12/18/1917). He was a shoe salesman for 29 years. Came to Decatur in 1880, and worked or W.F. Busher in a shoe store on E. Main St. After 4 years, he left Busher and bought shoe stock of I.B. Massey at 117 N. Water…

Charles L. Hovey

Photograph of Charles L. Hovey (D. 3/1/1917). He came to Decatur from Bloomington in 1880, and worked as an agent for the Illinois Central Railroad and the P.D.&E. Railroad for 18 years. He also worked for the Cereal Mill, V.H. Parke & Son, and…

Mrs. Charles L. Hovey

Photograph of Mrs. Charles L. (Anna) Hovey (d. 1/4/1946). She was the wife of Charles L. Hovey, and both were prominent in Masonic circles. He was the first superintendent at the Illinois Masonic Home in Sullivan, and she was the first matron…

Louis E. Griswold

Photograph of Louis E. Griswold. He owned a hardware store at the corner of E. Main St. and Water St. He left Decatur in 1899, and moved to Chicago. His wife was a daughter of Sarah A. Durfee. The photo was taken by Sleeth of Decatur, and used in…