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Photos of WTVP/WAND

Photographs of people watching television. Photograph of TV cameraman. Photographs of Dick Westbrook who started at WDZ radio and then went to WAND TV. Photograph of the WTVP Trash Can used for advertising.

Photos of Wagner Castings

Photograph of men pouring molten metal. Photo of two men standing at the entrance gate.

Photos of United States Wire Mat Co.

BS276-US_WIRE-1, C1907.jpg
Photograph of the United States Wire Mat Co., taken 1907. This was later changed to the United States Mfg. Co. Photo unused Aug. 12, 1907. This company located at 260-262 E. Wood St. at Franklin St., Decatur, IL. Photograph of U. S. Wire Mat…

Photos of Traver Ready Mix Concrete

Photographs of Traver Ready Mix employee rinsing out his delivery truck. Traver Ready Mix Concrete mixing conveyors.

Photos of the WSOY Radio Station Building, Antenna, Aerial View and WSOY News Automobile.

Aerial photograph of WSOY building and antenna. Street level photograph of WSOY, antenna in the background. Photograph of the Gushard Building with WSOY/WJBL antenna on top of the building. Photograph of the WSOY Mobile News Automobile. Photograph of…

Photos of the W. H. Grindol & Sons Monument Co.

Photograph of W. H. Grindol and Sons. Left to right, Walter E. Grindol, W. H. Grindol,, and John F. Grindol. Walter E. Grindol (died 2/11/1930.) He was associated with his father and brother W. H. Grindol & Sons monument business. He specialized in…

Photos of The Stein Tavern

Photograph of The Stein Tavern located at 2201 E. Locust and 22nd Street, Decatur, IL. Photograph of the former Stein Tavern converted to a Gulf Gas Station.

Photos of the Shore Restauant

Photograph of the Shore Restaurant under construction, 22nd and Cantrell Streets, 1947. Photograph of the Shore Restaurant c. 1950's.

Photos of the Shellabarger Mills

Photograph of the Shellabarger Grain Storage Silos. Photograph of worker bagging flour. Photograph of two men bagging flour. Photograph of the Shellabarger Buildings.

Photos of the Polar Ice Company

Photograph of the exterior of the Polar Ice Company building. Photograph of self service ice vending, Polar Ice Co. Photograph of ice delivery man loading his truck. Photograph of worker moving large blocks of ice, Polar Ice Co.