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Miscellaneous Photos Archer Daniel Midland, Dec. 1939.
Two Photos of Employees at Archer Daniel Midland Co. Photo of New Soybean Plant Site. Interior Photo of ADM Plant.

ADM Economist Parry Dixon
Photograph of Economist Parry Dixon, Archer Daniels Midland Company.

Photos of A. E. Staley Mfg. Co.
Post card of the Staley Office Building at night. Photograph of the Dust Collector. Photograph of man watching conveyor belt. Photograph of A. E. Staley baseball field. Photograph of the Staley Office building with flood lights. Photographs of…

Photos of the Shellabarger Mills
Photograph of the Shellabarger Grain Storage Silos. Photograph of worker bagging flour. Photograph of two men bagging flour. Photograph of the Shellabarger Buildings.