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Photograph of the Carnegie Library Staff of 1928

LB77-DECATUR PL-4, STAFF, 3-30-1928006.jpg
Photograph of the Carnegie Library Staff taken March 30, 1928. Seated left to right: Miss. Dill, city librarian; Miss Wayne, Miss Pollock, Miss Hunt, Miss La Rue, Miss Newell, Miss Baker. Standing left to right: Miss Davis, Miss V. White, Miss Hogle,…

Photographs of the WCTU Fountain

Photographs of the WCTU (Women's Christian Temperance Union) Fountain. The fountain was erected in 1905 for the purpose of removing "the temptation of visiting saloons from country boys". It was donated through the WCTU by Thomas Davis, a pioneer of…

Photo of Ernest Durmil with other Decatur Navy cadets
WWII - Herald and Review Library; Durmil, Ernest, 7/1/1944. Article on back of photo: "....Decatur boys have...their boot training...Great Lakes and ...-ve before being assigned to ships. They are, left to right, front row: Ernest Durmil, Emmett…