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Photos of South Main Street, Decatur, IL.

ST597-S. Main_&_Macon_Sts_10-1-1949_20190618_0165.jpg
Photograph Decatur: "South Main Street before the Illinois Central subway was built. Road in foreground possibly Cleveland Ave. Looking northwest from the east side of the tracks. the old court house can be seen in the background. The Greenwood…

Photographs of the WCTU Fountain

Photographs of the WCTU (Women's Christian Temperance Union) Fountain. The fountain was erected in 1905 for the purpose of removing "the temptation of visiting saloons from country boys". It was donated through the WCTU by Thomas Davis, a pioneer of…

Comet Building

Photograph of the Comet Building located on Garfield Ave. at the Illinois Central Illinois Railroad.

Photograph of Illinois Central Railroad Bridge

BR13-covered bridge.jpg
Photograph of the Illinois Central Railroad bridge taken 1/20/1907, by J. K. Stafford. Print was made from the Stafford collection of negatives taken in the late 1890's and early 1900's which were in the possession of Mr. and Mrs. Jack French of…

Arthur D. Wilson

BIO470-WILSON, ARTHUR D, 1-2-1921.jpg
Photograph of Arthur D. Wilson; (died 4/11/1931). Special officer for the Illinois Central Railroad. He was best known for his connection with the Illinois National Guard. He joined the old Fifth Regiment in 1897. This company became a federalized…

Christopher A. Richmond

Photograph of Christopher "Chris" A. Richmond wearing his conductor's uniform. Christopher (born. 1862; died 1947) started work for the Illinois Central Railroad Aug. 1879 and retired April 1932. photo ran 3/20/1932. Photo by Pfile.

Charles L. Hovey

Photograph of Charles L. Hovey (D. 3/1/1917). He came to Decatur from Bloomington in 1880, and worked as an agent for the Illinois Central Railroad and the P.D.&E. Railroad for 18 years. He also worked for the Cereal Mill, V.H. Parke & Son, and…

John P. Faris

BIO139-FARIS_JOHN_P, 7-27-1910.jpg
Photograph of John P. Faris (d. 7/27/1910), the most prominent citizen and businessman in Niantic, IL. He started his grain business in 1861 called Faris & Cannon, and operated for 50 years. His offices were at 210 Review building in Decatur, IL. …

Hugh B. Crea

BIO93-CREA_HUGH_B, PRIOR TO 1918083.jpg
Photograph of Hugh B. Crea (d. 1/31/1918). He was an attorney, and practiced law in Decatur for over 50 years. He was the attorney for the Millikin & Co., Millikin National Bank, Illinois Central Railroad, Illinois Midland Railroad, and Wabash…