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Decatur Public Library Local History Photo Collection

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Revenue Report - 1995

This is the revenue report for April of 1995 for the public library. This report shows information on fund balance, taxes, intergovernmental revenue, fines and fees, investment income, other income, transfers, capital expenditures, and capital…

Bills and Payroll - 1995 - April, October, August, March, May and July, september, November

These are the bills and payment for the Decatur Public Library in 1995 for April, August, July, March, May and October. These spreadsheets show date of request, vendor, amount, check number, check date, descriptions, Trusts, Capital, fund balance,…

Draft Budget - January 1994

This is a draft of the library budget published January 1994. In this budget the following are defined and summarized: revenue, expenditures, capital funds, inventory, capital outlay, other charges, commodities, contractual services, personal…

Revenue and Expenditures Budget Sheet 1989.

This is the revenue and expenditures budget sheet for the Decatur Public Library for 1989, 1990, and 1991. This budget reflects actual finances for 1989, budgeted finances for 1990, and estimated finance for 1991. Revenue entails fund balance,…

Annual budget Decatur Public Library 1989

This is the annual budget of the Decatur Public Library for 1989-1990. As per submitted by the Board of Trustees this budget includes revenue, expenditures, personal services, contactual services, capital outlay, trusts, investment income,…

Photographs of Professor Brown during a VITA Program at the Decatur Public Library, 2005

LB460-VITA Program001.jpg
Photographs of Professor Brown during a VITA program, which is a tax assistance program in the Gates Computer Lab at the Decatur Public Library in 2005.