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Finance and Properties Committee Meeting - December 2010 - minutes

These are the minutes of the Finance and Properties committee meeting in December 2010. Items discussed budget, check register, grants, Annex, trust fund revenue, self check machine, capital needs suggestions, Connections, Facebook, Twitter, IMRF,…

Kupish letters - 2011-2012

These are letter describing the compensation due to James Kurpish in 2011-2012 from the firm of Kehart Pecket and Booth representing the Decatur Public Library and the City of Decatur. Others involved were the civil service commission and IMRF.

James A. Kupich email and letter regarding settlement, February 2011

This is a copy of the letter and email concerning Mr. James Kupish and his settlement from the City of Decatur. Included is information regarding Donna Rollins, IMRF, settlement request and plan, James Baker - lawyer, city of Decatur, and the release…

Printed email and letter from Mr. French Wilson and IMRF concerning Mr. Kupish former employee of Decatur Public Library - February and March 2011

This is a printed copy of an email and letter from Mr. French Wilson, HR manager of the city of Decatur and IMRF concerning a settlement request from Mr. Kupish and the involvement of IMRF.

Council Memorandum No. 75-60: Library Board's Payment to Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund - September 8, 1975

This is the council memorandum for the Library Board's payment to the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund. In this memo, Leslie T. Allen lays out the plan for the Library Board to pay into IMRF.

Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund Letter - October 9, 1975

This is a letter from Leslie T. Allen, City Manager, about the controversy surrounding the payment into the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund for the Library.