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William Kenney Whitfield

Photograph of William Kenney Whitfield; (died 1/19/1940). Former Macon County Circuit Judge and one of the founders of the former Standard Life Insurance Co. He came to Decatur in 1911 from Sullivan, where he was sate's attorney for Moultrie County…

Thomas B. Jack

BIO189-JACK_THOMAS_B, 9-2-1918.jpg
Photograph of Thomas B. Jack (d. 11/14/1936). He was a prominent attorney in Decatur, and former president of the Decatur Bar Association. He practiced law for over 40 years. Jack was active in Democratic politics, and was a candidate for…

W. Nay Boggess

BIO55-BOGGESS_W_NAY, C 1900060.jpg
Photograph of W. Nay Boggess (d. 9/5/1927), an attorney in Decatur for 33 years. He was associated with Thomas B. Jack in the law firm, Jack & Boggess, for 10 years, and then later as Deck, Jack & Boggess. Boggess served 3 terms as the city…