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Francis R. Wiley

Photograph of Francis R. Wiley; prominent Decatur lawyer since 1906. He was Macon Co. Master-in-Chancery from 1934 to 1938. He is prominent in Democratic politics and in 1920 was a candidate for congress and in 1933 was candidate for the nomination…

Elza Virgil Wierman

Photograph of Elza Virgil Wierman; (died 11/8/1950). Decatur attorney since 1904. He was a former member of the law firm of Outten, Ewing, McCullough & Wierman. He was a member of the Decatur, Illinois, and American Bar Associations, Modern Woodmen…

Albert G. Webber, Jr.

Photograph of Albert G. Webber, Jr. Prominent Decatur lawyer; started his practice in 1919 in Decatur in his Father's office.

Albert G. Webber

BIO455-WEBBER_ALBERT_G, 3-27-1907.jpg
Photograph of Albert G. Webber; (died 5/2/1947); came to Decatur from Germany about 1863; admitted to practice law in 1879; retired in 1942, his 64th year as an attorney; charter member of the First English Lutheran Church and a member of the Masons.…

Arthur Van Cleve

Photograph of Arthur Van Cleve; (died 11/1/1950). He was formerly a Decatur attorney. He practiced law in Decatur after his graduation from the U. of I. law school in 1911 until he entered service in World War I. After his return from France he moved…

Albert T. Summers

BIO396-SUMMERS, ALBERT T, 2-27-1916.jpg
Photograph of Albert T. Summers; (born: 12/21/1857; died 2/27/1916). He and his son Charles P., ran a collection agency in Decatur. He was a member of the Macon County Bar Association. He was admitted to the bar in 1880 but most of his time was taken…

John W. Smith

BIO369-SMITH, JOHN W, 12-6-1903.jpg
Photography of John W. Smith. He was an attorney of Chicago and formerly of Decatur. He left Decatur in 1877 and went to Chicago where he became a member of the law firm of Byum & Smith. While in Decatur he was a partner with Gallagher & Emerson. He…

Thomas B. Jack

BIO189-JACK_THOMAS_B, 9-2-1918.jpg
Photograph of Thomas B. Jack (d. 11/14/1936). He was a prominent attorney in Decatur, and former president of the Decatur Bar Association. He practiced law for over 40 years. Jack was active in Democratic politics, and was a candidate for…

John R. Fitzgerald

BIO141-FITZGERALD_JOHN_R, 1-15-1919.jpg
Photograph of John R. Fitzgerald (d. 1/30/1952). He was a Decatur attorney and outstanding criminal lawyer. Fitzgerald was a member of the Decatur Bar Association, United States Association, charter member of the Knights of Columbus Decatur Chapter…