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William Kenney Whitfield

Photograph of William Kenney Whitfield; (died 1/19/1940). Former Macon County Circuit Judge and one of the founders of the former Standard Life Insurance Co. He came to Decatur in 1911 from Sullivan, where he was sate's attorney for Moultrie County…

Frank P. Smallwood

BIO367-SMALLWOOD_FRANK_P, 6-9-1910.jpg
Photograph of Frank P. Smallwood; (died 12/26/1932). He was a native of Decatur and a charter member and one of the organizers of En Ami Lodge, Knights of Pythias. His home was at 159 W. North St. Photo by VanDeventer of Decatur. Ran in the Decatur…

George W. Kraft

Photograph of George W. Kraft (d. 8/21/1851, d. 8/26/1931). He was a business man and hotel owner, who was originally from Baltimore, MD. He came to Decatur at 13 years old, and was enrolled in the 3rd Ward School. He spent his summers working for…

Aaron Kaufman

BIO194-KAUFMAN_AARON, 1-3-1932.jpg
Photograph of Aaron Kaufman (d. 12/2/1938). He managed one of Decatur's leading men's clothing stores for 45 years. He opened a clothing store in Decatur in 1888, 9 years after opening the Kaufman store in Champaign. He retired in 1933, and the…

Peter Halmbacher

BIO161-HALMBACHER_PETER, 2-1-1910.jpg
Photograph of Peter Halmbacher (d. 2/1/1910). He was born in Germany, a veteran of the Prussian-Bavarian War in 1866, and came to Decatur in 1869. He was a pattern maker by trade. Halmbacher worked as a cabinet maker for Decatur Furniture Co., as…

Dr. Everett J. Brown

BIO67-BROWN_DR_EVERETT J, 6-9-1912054.jpg
Photograph of Dr. Everett J. Brown (d. 8/30/1920), a prominent Decatur doctor associated with Dr. Cecil M. Jack since 1906 with an office at 134-138 W. Prairie. Dr. Brown served on the exemption board during WWI, and was a member of the American…