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Robert F. Watt

BIO454-WATT_ROBERT_F, 11-16-1930.jpg
Photograph of Robert F. Watt, Vice President of Parke & Son, Inc. of Decatur. When the firm was re-organized in 1947, merging the Parke Warehouses and Parke & Son Co. into the Parke & Sons Inc., he was made vice president of the company. He joined…

Mrs. T.J. (Susan) Abel

BIO1-ABEL_SUSAN, (T J)-9-1-1907001.jpg
Photograph of Mrs. T.J. (Susan) Abel. She was the wife of Civil War veteran Capt. T.J. Abel, and prominent in the Womens' Relief Corps. Mrs. Abel was also the mother of Mrs. C.A. Wait. The photograph was taken by Vandeventer Studios in Decatur,…

Dan W. Tait

Negative of Dan W. Tait. Tait was a veteran automobile dealer and a member of one of Decatur's oldest families. He was also active in Masonic affairs. He was married to Margaret Wallace. The photo was taken by Vandeventer Studios, and ran in the…