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Photos of Millikin Bank Building 100 N. Water St., Decatur, IL.
Photograph of the Old Millikin Bank Building located at 100 N. Water Street in 1896. Photo of the corner after the building was torn down.

Photo of House on 226 N. Franklin Street.
Photograph of House on 226 N. Franklin Street. "Though this picture was made after the Jasper J. Peddecord house at 226 N. Franklin street had deteriorated, it was at one time one of the handsomest in the city. It had 14 rooms and was long a center…

John Luttrell's Oral History

This is the oral history of John Luttrell. He was interviewed on June 4, 1987 at his office in the First National Bank of Decatur by Betty Turnell. His interview covers his realy life in Clinton, attending Millikin, working for Illinois Bell, his…