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Photos of Spencer-Kellogg Grain Company

Photograph of the Spencer-Kellogg and Sons, Philippines Inc. Photograph of the Spencer-Kellogg buildings and rail yard. Photograph of men working on top of the grain silos. Photograph aerial view of Spencer-Kellogg. Photograph of two men watching…

Photos of Traver Ready Mix Concrete

Photographs of Traver Ready Mix employee rinsing out his delivery truck. Traver Ready Mix Concrete mixing conveyors.

Photo of the Rogers Theatre E. Wood St.

BS516-ROGERS_THEATRE, 11-19-1937005.jpg
Photograph of location of the Rogers Theatre before it was built. Photograph of the Rogers Theatre under construction.

Photos of Spencer-Kellogg Buildings and Workers

Photograph BS239: Spencer Kellogg and Sons Building. Photo BS240: Building complex c. 1939. Photo BS241: Men working on top of the grain storage silos. Photo BS242: Aerial view of the Spencer-Kellogg Mill. Photo BS243: Men watching construction on…

Bridge in Macon County, IL.

Photograph of bridge under construction in Macon County, IL.