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Photos Hayes Hatchery

BS1542-Hayes Bros Hatchery 1935-135.jpg
Photographs of Hayes Hatchery Building, Employees, Customers and Baby Chicks. The hatchery was located at 405 S. Water St., Decatur, IL.

Photo of W. T. Grant Store at Fairview Plaza, Decatur, IL.

BS1510-Grant_W_T- Co_Fairview-Plza-Shoping-Cntr_Decatur_2-13-1958_111.jpg
Photographs of customers standing in line at the cash register at the W. T. Grant Co. Store in Fairview Plaza.

Photos of First National Bank Customers.

Photographs of Customers at the First National Bank, Decatur, IL.

Photos of Esker's Tavern Customers and Employees
Photographs of Employees and Customers inside Esker's Tavern 1703 Clay St., Decatur, IL.