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Photos of Leader Iron Works Interior, Buildings and Employees.

Photograph of Leader Iron Works Interior. "Photo ran Review 11/19/1905. Plant was located in 2100 Block N. Jasper St." Photos of Leader Iron Works Building. Photo of Employees Leader Iron Works.

Photos of the Empress Theatre exterior and interior.

Photographs of the Empress Theatre Marquee, Auditorium, and Ticket Booth, located at 419 N. Water St.

Photos of Decatur Railway & Light Co.

Photographs of Decatur Railway & Light Co., interior, exterior buildings, office located downtown. BS143B: "Decatur Railway & Light co. - Power Plant - 1909, Photo ran in the Review 4/18/1909. Photo was made before the new smokestack was built.…

Photographs of Warrensburg School Building Additions in 1970 and Austin School Building.

Photographs of one story addition to Warrensburg School, interior, and gymnasium 1970 and Austin School Building.

Nelson Park - Bathhouse

These are photographs and negatives of the bathhouses at Nelson Park. The photos show the interior and exterior of the new bathhouse, and the exterior of the old bathhouse. The photos were taken by the Herald and Review between 1938 and 1964.

Photographs of Decatur High School 1961 and 1969

Photographs of Decatur High School Building and Parking Lot Across the Street. Aerial view of the school and surround area taken in 1961.

Photographs of Exterior Decatur High School

Photo of Kintner Gym Winter Time with Automobiles
Photo of South West Exterior Winter Time
Photos of Exterior Decatur High School
Photos of Decatur High School Looking From Franklin St.
School was built in 1911 and demolished in 1977.