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Board of Directors Meeting - May 2016 - minutes

These are the minutes of the Board of Directors meeting in May 2016. Items discussed and reviewed were city librarian's report, Friends, books between bites, foundation, marketing, strategic plan,, local history room assistant, city librarian's…

Board of Directors December 2017 meeting - agenda and minutes

These are the minute and agenda of the December 2017 board of directors meeting. Items discussed were city librarian's report, policy against sexual harassment and retaliation, resolution to adopt this policy, check register, budget review, Serving…

Thank you letter - Book Between Bites - May 12, 1994

This is a thank you letter from Linda Hutton thanking the library for a very good book review program on the book Michaelangelo The Painter given by Leta Burch.

Friends of the Decatur Public Library Newsletter and Meeting Minutes 1989

These are the minutes and newsletter of the Friends of the Decatur Public Library from their meetings in September and November 1989. At this meeting the Friends discussed support of the summer reading program, finances, newsletter, Books Between…