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Per Capita Grant Application - June 1995

This is the per capita grant application for the Decatur Public Library dated June 1995. In this grant the following were required: equalization aid, avenues of excellence, use of monies, population served, mission statement, use of last years grant,…

Grant Application Statement June 1995

This is the State of Illinois grant application statement in June 1995. It lists the rules and regulations of state grants, the different grants available, and requires the signature of the library board and John Moorman. This grant application is…

Grant Application - June 1994

This is the June 1994 Per Capita Grant application to the Illinois State Library from the Decatur Public Library.

Illinois State Grant Application 1990

This is the Illinois State Grant application for 1990. This application is for the equalization aid grant and also the per capita grant. Funds are being requested for ILA membership for board members, conferences, micro-film reader, staff training…