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Security Policy Decatur Public Library - June 1995

This is the security policy for the Decatur Public Library June 1995. This policy includes basic conduct, other rules, steps for staff in cases of misconduct, Food and Drink, and Children in the library.

Annual Report June 1995

This is the annual report to the city council, mayor, and Illinois State Library June 1995. Also included is the city librarian's report. These reports highlight graphs, narrative, statistics, liabilities, information, monies required, monies…

Prevailing Wage Rate Documents - June 1995

These are the pubic library's and Illinois State documents for the publication of the prevailing wage rate for June 1995. Certification of Publication, notice of determination, herald and review, State of Illinois, Macon County, Illinois Department…

Finance and Properties Committee meeting June 1995

These are the minutes of the Finance and Properties Committee Meeting in June 1995. At this meeting the members discussed the microfilm reader and printer, mini van specifications, and bookmobile renovations.

City Librarian's Report June 1995

This is the city librarian's report from June 1995. In this report Mr. Moorman highlights the summer reading program, children's division, extension division, bookmobile, book drop, LIBS100+, circ stats, acquisitions, technology, federal document…

Grant Application Statement June 1995

This is the State of Illinois grant application statement in June 1995. It lists the rules and regulations of state grants, the different grants available, and requires the signature of the library board and John Moorman. This grant application is…