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Personnel Policy and Public Relations - September 2012 - minutes

These are the minutes of the Personnel Policy and Public Relations committee meeting in September 2012. Items discussed in close session were the city librarian's evaluation. Other items were donation of Kindles by the state of Illinois and how to…

Certificate of Completion - Robert Edwards - April 2012

This is the certificate of completion for Robert Edwards in April 2012 for the training of the open meeting acts issued by the state of Illinois and the office of the Attorney General.

Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors - May 2015 - agenda and minutes

These are the minutes and agenda of the annual meeting of the Board of Directors of the Decatur Public Library. Items discussed were non-resident card fee, prevailing wage rate, annual reports to city council, board of directors, and the state of…

Standards for Illinois Public Libraries - February 2009

This is a copy of the Illinois State Standards for Public Libraries collection management, core standards, supplemental standards, reference, readers advisory, core standards, bill of rights, freedom to read, freedom to view, code of ethics, statues…

Model Ethics Ordinance - 2009

This is a copy of the Model Ethics Ordinance for the State of Illinois issued by Lisa Madigan, Attorney General. This ordinance cover the preamble, prohibited political activities, gift ban, ethics advisor, ethics committee and penalties for 2009

Prevailing Wage Rate Documents - June 1995

These are the pubic library's and Illinois State documents for the publication of the prevailing wage rate for June 1995. Certification of Publication, notice of determination, herald and review, State of Illinois, Macon County, Illinois Department…

Grant Application Statement June 1995

This is the State of Illinois grant application statement in June 1995. It lists the rules and regulations of state grants, the different grants available, and requires the signature of the library board and John Moorman. This grant application is…

Wage Rate Resolution - June 1994

This is the wage rate resolution composed and filed by the Decatur Public Library with the State of Illinois