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Photos of Doctors and Miscellaneous Medical Information.

Photograph of "Dr. Reginald C. Augustine, d. 11/10/1924. Decatur optician, member of Augustine & Oplinger firm. 1922 3rd vice-president American Optometric Assn. and past president Illinois Society of Optometrists. Member First Methodist church and…

Photo of Syndicate and Pasfield Buildings
Photograph of the Syndicate and Pasfield Buildings, 234-250 N. Main Street, Decatur, IL. Photo taken 1896. Norman's Laundry. I. D. Stine, Architect, Dr. Walsh, Specialist, Real Estate, Stafford & Patterson.
Photo of Empty Lot where Syndicate and…

Reginald C. Augustine
Photograph of Reginald C. Augustine (d. 11/10/1924). Augustine was an optician in Decatur, and a member of the Augustine & Oplinger firm. In 1922, he was the 3rd Vice-President of the American Optometric Associations, and a past President of the…