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Photo of Syndicate and Pasfield Buildings

BD69-Syndicate Pasfield Bldgs Gone_N Main_1996.jpg
Photograph of the Syndicate and Pasfield Buildings, 234-250 N. Main Street, Decatur, IL. Photo taken 1896. Norman's Laundry. I. D. Stine, Architect, Dr. Walsh, Specialist, Real Estate, Stafford & Patterson.
Photo of Empty Lot where Syndicate and…

Mrs. Wilbur C. (Marion) Wood

BIO476-WOOD_MRS_WILBUR_C, (MARION), 10-11-1937.jpg
Photograph of Mrs. Wilbur C. (Marion) Wood; (died 11/11/1937). Prominent member of the D.A.R. and wife of Dr. W. C. Wood, one of the most outstanding physicians and surgeons in Central Illinois. She organized the B.W. Chapter of the P.E.O. and served…

Dr. O. M. Williamson

BIO468-WILLIAMSON_DR_O_M, 8-27-1917.jpg
Photograph of Dr. O. M. Williamson; formerly of Sullivan and Decatur having moved to California in 1950. Dr. Williamson had offices in the Citizens Building in Decatur for several years. He was a graduate of the Barnes Medical College of St. Louis in…

Dr. Arthur F. Wilhelmy

Photograph of Dr. Arthur F. Wilhelmy; (died 4/16/1920). He started his practice of medicine in Decatur about 1897 after graduating from the Cincinnati College of Medicine. He was elected county physician soon after taking up his practice here. He was…

Dr. William M. Talbert

Photograph of Dr. William T. Talbert seated at his desk readking a book. Dr. William M. Talbert and Mary L. Henry marriage license application was in the newspaper 7/2/1927.

Dr. Otis O. Stanley

BIO382-STANLEY_DR_OTIS_O, 4-19-1948.jpg
Photograph of Dr. Otis O. Stanley, prominent Decatur Physician. In 1901 he received his degree from the University of Illinois and during the next year worked as assistant in physiology at the university while working on his master's degree. He…

Dr. N. D. Myers

BIO285-MYERS_DR_N_D, C1920.jpg
Photograph of Dr. N. D. Myers; (died Aug 5, 1926). Decatur physician and one of the earliest in Decatur, IL. He started his practice in Decatur in 1887. He was once president of the United States board of pension examiners. He was active in lodge…

Dr. Silas E. McClelland

Photograph of Dr. Silas E. McClelland; b. 1/13/1860; d. 3/7/1953. Decatur eye, ear, nose and throat specialist for more than 50 years, retiring 1938. Trustee of Millikin estate; member board of directors Millikin National Bank; member board of…

Dr. William M. Catto

BIO79-CATTO_DR_WILLIAM M, C 1895067.jpg
Photograph of Dr. William M. Catto. He was a physician and surgeon with an office in rooms 3-4-5 Fenton Block. He had a residence at 364 W. William St. The photo was taken by Abrams, and used in the Decatur Daily Review in 1895.

Dr. James M. Baker

BIO39-BAKER_DR_JAMES M, 2-5-1911039.jpg
Photograph of Dr. James M. Baker (d. 12/21/1929), a Decatur Physician since 1905. He was a candidate for commissioner and coroner in the November 1911 elections. Baker was active in the Elks Lodge. The photo was taken by Vandeventer, and ran in…