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Helen Ferguson

Photograph of Helen Ferguson (b. 7/23/1901, d. 3/14/1977), actress and publicist. She was born in Decatur, IL, and attended Nicholas High School and the Academy of Fine Arts in Chicago. Her first motion picture was in 1914, and she was a WAMPAS…

John P. Faris

BIO139-FARIS_JOHN_P, 7-27-1910.jpg
Photograph of John P. Faris (d. 7/27/1910), the most prominent citizen and businessman in Niantic, IL. He started his grain business in 1861 called Faris & Cannon, and operated for 50 years. His offices were at 210 Review building in Decatur, IL. …

Robert Faries

Photograph of Robert Faries (d. 11/17/1919). Faries was a manufacturer, inventor, and president of the Faries Manufacturing Co. He bought Wilson Park, and renamed it Faries Park in 1910. He founded the Faries Manufacturing Co. in 1881, which…

Michael Fahay

BIO137-FAHAY_MICHAEL, 8-1-1915.jpg
Photograph of Michael Fahay (d. 3/3/1941). Fahay established a hardware store and tin shop at 1102 E. Eldorado in 1894. He sold the shop to Richard E. Harner in 1937. Fahay was prominent in politics and served as alderman from the fifth ward from…

Michael Fahay

BIO136-FAHAY_MICHAEL, 6-5-1908.jpg
Photograph of Michael Fahay (d. 3/3/1941). He established a hardware store and tin shop at 1102 E. Eldorado St. in 1894, and sold it in 1937 to Richard E. Harner. Fahay was prominent in politices, and served as alderman from the fifth ward from…

Thomas Enlows

BIO134-ENLOWS_THOMAS, 8-31-1919.jpg
Photograph of Thomas Enlows, former captain of the Decatur Fire Department. He served on the fire department for 29 years (1890-1919). Afterwards, he was the fire marshall for the Staley Manufacturing Co. for 13 years. The photo was taken by…

Rose Elliott

BIO133-ELLIOTT_ROSE, C1925.jpg
Photograph of Rose Elliott (b. 5/10/1864, d. 11/28/1940). She was a member of the Decatur Women's Club, and active in the Shakespeare, Civics, and Psalemas division. Elliott was the former chairman of the Civics Division, a member of the Stephen…

Elmer R. Elder and His Family

BIO132-ELDER_ELMER_R & FAMILY, 4-22-1923.jpg
Photograph of Elmer R. Elder (b. 1/13/1878, d. 2/4/1928) and his family. Elder was elected mayor of Decatur in 1923 over Dan Dinneen. He entered politics in 1920, and was elected to the board of supervisors as the Assistant Supervisor of Decatur…

Eddy Family

BIO131-EDDY_FAMILY, 1-6-1907.jpg
Photograph of the Eddy family. Top row (L-R): W.J. Eddy, R.P. Eddy, J.H. Eddy. Bottom row (L-R): O.T. Eddy, Mrs. Velma Fruit, J.D. Eddy. The photo was taken by Vandeventer of Decatur, and ran in the Decatur Daily Review on January 6, 1907.