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Photo of Dr. Walter F. Day and Carlos Kincaid, pastors Grace United Methodist Church.

Photographs of Dr. Walter F. Day (died 12/24/1974) and Carlos Kincaid. Dr. Day is welcoming Carlos Kincaid as a new pastor to Grace United Methodist Church. For more information on Carlos Kincaid; see Decatur Review dated 7/5/1949.

Photos of Grace United Methodist Church N. Main Street

Photographs of Grace United Methodist Church Exterior, N. Main Street, Decatur, IL. Photograph of the Interior of Grace United Methodist Church.

Photos of Grace Methodist Church, North Main Street.

Photograph of Grace Methodist church, front entrance. Photograph of Grace Methodist, people on their way to church. Photograph of the exterior of Grace Methodist church. Photograph of exterior of Grace Methodist church and class rooms. Photo of theā€¦