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Mr. & Mrs. John K. Wells' Oral History

This is the oral history of Mr. and Mrs. John K. Wells. They were interviewed by Betty Turnell on June 22, 1986. The interview includes their childhoods, and John's career in life insurance.

Photograph of 925 N. Main St.
Photograph of 925 N. Main St. This house was built in 1865 and 1866 by J.Q. Brown who lived there until about 1874 when he sold it to Dr. W.A. Barnes. Dr. Barnes sold it in 1891 to James D. Tait, who left it to his son, Joseph S. Tait. In 1921 the…

Photograph of Arthur C. Spence
Photograph of Arthur C. Spence; died March 3, 1955; married to Mary Stine in 1906. Assistant Fire Chief, retired May 1941 after serving 39 years. Member of Grace Methodist Church, the Ionic Lodge 312, AF&AM, and the Springfield Consistory.

Photos of Grace Methodist Church, North Main Street.
Photograph of Grace Methodist church, front entrance. Photograph of Grace Methodist, people on their way to church. Photograph of the exterior of Grace Methodist church. Photograph of exterior of Grace Methodist church and class rooms. Photo of the…

Photo of Stapp's Chapel
Photograph of Stapp's Chapel. for many years the church building that housed the Grace Methodist congregation at Eldorado and Franklin Streets was known as Stapp's Chapel. the church was organized in 1866 and a mission building erected. As the…

Photos of the W. H. Grindol & Sons Monument Co.
Photograph of W. H. Grindol and Sons. Left to right, Walter E. Grindol, W. H. Grindol,, and John F. Grindol. Walter E. Grindol (died 2/11/1930.) He was associated with his father and brother W. H. Grindol & Sons monument business. He specialized in…

Dr. Joseph W. Van Cleve
Photograph of Dr. Joesph W. Van Cleve (born 2/19/1859; died 5/28/1926). Pastor of the Grace Methodist church for five years 1903 to 1908.

Rev. Joseph W. Van Cleve
Photograph of Rev. Joseph W. Van Cleve; (died 6/29/1926). Former pastor of the Grace Methodist church in Decatur. He was a member of the board of control of the Epworth League after 1896. He came to Decatur in 1903, and during pastorate here the…

Arthur Van Cleve
Photograph of Arthur Van Cleve; (died 11/1/1950). He was formerly a Decatur attorney. He practiced law in Decatur after his graduation from the U. of I. law school in 1911 until he entered service in World War I. After his return from France he moved…

George A. Stouffer
Photograph of George A. Stouffer; (died 12/6/1947). Member of Stouffer Bros. Contracting Co. Came to Decatur from Macon in 1897. Member of Grace Methodist Church.