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Various Class Photographs from Excelsior School

Various class photographs from Durfee School taken between 1944 and 1949.

Photos of South Main Street, Decatur, IL.

ST597-S. Main_&_Macon_Sts_10-1-1949_20190618_0165.jpg
Photograph Decatur: "South Main Street before the Illinois Central subway was built. Road in foreground possibly Cleveland Ave. Looking northwest from the east side of the tracks. the old court house can be seen in the background. The Greenwood…

Photograph of the Wabash R.R. Locomotive #1200

RR118-WABASH LOCOMOTIVE 1200, DIESEL, 1-25-1949019.jpg
Photograph of the Wabash R.R. Alco-GE Model FA-1 & FB1 diesel locomotives A-B-A #1200 in Decatur IL, taken on January 25th, 1949.

Photograph of the Wabash R.R. Locomotive #1020A

RR117-WABASH LOCOMOTIVE 1020A, DIESEL, 5-20-1949016.jpg
Photograph of the Wabash R.R. Alco-GE Model PA-2 diesel locomotive #1020A in Decatur IL taken May 20th, 1949.

Photograph of 700 S. Webster

HO94-700_S_WEBSTER_ST, LINDSAY_HSE, 11-10-1949.jpg
Photograph taken November 10, 1949 of 700 S. Webster St. the Lindsay home.

Photograph of 723 W. Prairie Ave.

HO167-723_W_PRAIRIE_ST, CHAS_T_JOHNSON_HSE, 11-10-1949.jpg
Photograph taken on November 10, 1949 of 723 W. Prairie Ave, the residence of Charles T. Johnston. Designed and built by George Barber.

Photograph of 451 W. Macon

HO115-451_W_MACON, SAMUEL_S_JACK_HSE,1-22-1928.jpg
Photograph of the house at 451 W. Macon St. It was the home of Samuel S. Jack. It was willed to his son, Dr. Cecil M. Jack, who lived there until his death in 1949. His widow, Charlotte, was still living there in 1954.