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Photos of Baird Corn Husker

Photograph of Farm Equipment--Baird Corn Husker--1914. Invented about 1913 by William S. Baird and manufactured in Decatur at the Baird Harvester Co. Photo shows side view of corn husker. Ran Review 10/4/1914. Photograph shows the front view of the…

F.C. Baird

BIO38-BAIRD_F C, 1-4-1914038.jpg
Photograph of F.C. Baird, the president of the Baird Harvester Co. His brother, W.C. Baird was the inventor of the Baird Corn Husker. The Baird factory was moved from Moline to Decatur in 1913, and was located at E. Eldorado and N. East Ave. The…