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E. Eldorado St. East of Staley Company

This is the glass negative of E. Eldorado St. east of the Staley Company. The photo was taken by Pfile's Camera Shop for Decatur Herald & Review in Decatur, IL around 1930.

Photo of Three Ladies - East End Gallery

BS106-East_End_Gallery-3 Women_No date.jpg
Photograph of three ladies taken at the East End Gallery, 1079 E. Eldorado St., Decatur, IL.

Fred Kipp

Photograph of Fred Kipp (d. 8/8/1928). He was a prominent grocer in Decatur. He came to Decatur in 1882, and was in business with Mark Moran for several years before going out on his own. The store was located on E. Eldorado St. Kipp was a former…

F.C. Baird

BIO38-BAIRD_F C, 1-4-1914038.jpg
Photograph of F.C. Baird, the president of the Baird Harvester Co. His brother, W.C. Baird was the inventor of the Baird Corn Husker. The Baird factory was moved from Moline to Decatur in 1913, and was located at E. Eldorado and N. East Ave. The…