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George W. Kraft

Photograph of George W. Kraft (d. 8/21/1851, d. 8/26/1931). He was a business man and hotel owner, who was originally from Baltimore, MD. He came to Decatur at 13 years old, and was enrolled in the 3rd Ward School. He spent his summers working for…

John A. Keck

BIO198-KECK_JOHN_A, 2-25-1906.jpg
Photograph of John A. Keck (d. 8/7/1928). He was the proprietor of the Keck Cigar Box Factory. He was a printer for Kimball and Lindsay Co. and Mueller Manufacturing Co. He was also a cabinet maker for Decatur Furniture Co. Keck went into business…

Levi P. Graham

BIO153-GRAHAM_LEVI_P, 11-13-1904.jpg
Photograph of Levi P. Graham (d. 1907). He was a patent attorney and inventor. Graham invented a seed corn sorter, and had several other patents on corn planting machinery. The photo was taken by Smith of Decatur, and ran in the Decatur Herald on…

Mrs. E.A. Gastman and the Childrens Summer Reading Contest

BIO148-GASTMAN_MRS_E_A, 8-31-1927.jpg
Photograph of Mrs. E.A. Gastman handing out diplomas to the children who participated in the Childrens Summer Reading contest at the Decatur Public Library on August 31, 1927. The photo was taken by Seitz Studio and used in the Decatur Herald.

Rose Elliott

BIO133-ELLIOTT_ROSE, C1925.jpg
Photograph of Rose Elliott (b. 5/10/1864, d. 11/28/1940). She was a member of the Decatur Women's Club, and active in the Shakespeare, Civics, and Psalemas division. Elliott was the former chairman of the Civics Division, a member of the Stephen…

Frank S. Dodd

Photograph of Frank S. Dodd (d. 3/22/1952). He was the former manager and part owner of the Decatur Herald. In 1912, he sold his interest in the company, but remained president. He worked as a publisher of the Richmond Indiana Item for many…

F.C. Baird

BIO38-BAIRD_F C, 1-4-1914038.jpg
Photograph of F.C. Baird, the president of the Baird Harvester Co. His brother, W.C. Baird was the inventor of the Baird Corn Husker. The Baird factory was moved from Moline to Decatur in 1913, and was located at E. Eldorado and N. East Ave. The…