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Decatur Public Library Local History Photo Collection

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Board of Directors Meeting - July 21, 1977

This is the minutes and agenda from the Board of Directors meeting on July 21, 1977. At this meeting, the Board discussed an autopage location, the agreements with CLSI and Rolling Prairie Libraries, prizes for the Summer Reading Program, CPR…

Board of Directors Meeting - December 20, 1979

This is the packet for the Board of Directors meeting on December 20, 1979. It contains the minutes, agenda, statistics report, financial report, and list of bills. At this meeting, the Board discussed issues with CLSI and the computer downtime,…

Uniform Commercial Code

This is the uniform commercial code financing statement form for equipment for the new system. It includes 2 keyboard/display stations, 1 lightpen station, and 1 composite station.

Purchase Order for System Lease Agreement - June 15, 1977

This is the purchase order for the System Lease Agreement between CL Systems Inc and the Board of Directors. It describes the length of the lease and the equipment involved.