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Photo of House on 304 W. Wood Street

Photograph of House on 304 W. Wood Street. In 1906 the city directory listed this as the hoe of Dorvil Brooks.

Photo of Houses on the 700 Block of E. Wood Street, house was known as Cassell's Castle

Photograph of House on 700 Block of E. Wood Street. This house, known as "Cassell's Castle" was built by Berry H. Cassell in 1887. It was at the corner of Webster and Wood Streets. It was destroyed by fire in 1916. In 1925 the Illinois Power & Light…

Photos of House on 919 W. William Street; Exterior and Interior, taken in 1997.

HO181-919_W_WILLIAM_ST-1, C1997.tif
Photographs of the Exterior and Interior of house at 919 W. William Street, taken in 1997. Houses was built in 1905 by Thomas T. Roberts, owner of the Decatur Coffin Company.

Photos of Houses on 919 W. William Street Interior

HO183-919_W_WILLIAM_ST-3, C1997.jpg
Photographs of the interior of house at 919 W. William Street, built by Thomas T. Roberts. Photos were taken in 1997.

Photos of House on 919 W. William Street.

Photographs of House on 919 W. William Street. "Built by T. T. Roberts in 1905. In 1924 it was sold to L. W. cook who sold it in 1944 to Walter Flora, Sr. In 1947 it was bought by Carroll W. Rogers. Photo ran Review 5/3/1905." Photographs of house on…

Photo of 5 Montgomery Place home of A. E. Staley

Photograph of 5 Montgomery Place, home of A. E. Staley, photo taken 7/7/1941.

Photo of House on 117 N. Monroe Street

Photograph of House on 117 N. Monroe Street, Decatur, IL. Built and designed by Mrs. Julius G. Badenhausen in 1905. It was then known as the Badenhausen Flats. It was sold to Mrs. O. t. Eddy in 1908. In 1954 it was known as the Monroe Apartments.…

Photo of House on 334 W. Main Street

Photograph of House on 334 W. Main Street, Decatur, IL.., residence of Lycurgus L. Bobblett, 1909, city directory.

Photo of House on 1900 W. Main Street and Fairview Avenue.

Photograph of House on 1900 West Main and Fairview Avenue, taken about 1902. Home of Edmiston McClellan who served 28 years as Macon Co. circuit clerk. Lived in Decatur 1835-1900. (Information from Decatur and Macon County History.)