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Decatur Public Library Local History Photo Collection

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Photographs of Decatur High School 1950's.

Photographs of Decatur High School during the 1950's, buildings, students, Franklin Street and North Street.

Photograph of Brush College #1

Photo of children standing in front of Brush College #1, Decatur, IL. 1920.

Mrs. Will McKee's Oral History

This is the oral history of Mr. Will McKee. She was interviewed by Betty Turnell on January 23, 1978. This interview includes her college years, early Decatur, Powers Building, Powers Opera House, and transportation.

Photograph of Automobiles Racing at the Fairgrounds

AU12-Racing_Fair Grds_No date_337 (1).jpg
Photograph of automobiles racing at the fairgrounds at an unknown date.

Photo Of Early Automobile Race

Photograph of two automobiles racing in 1910.

Photo of Building on 385 E. Prairie and N. Jackson. Talbott-Barry Motor Co.

Photograph of the Building on 385 E. Prairie and N. Jackson Streets. Talbott-Barry Motor Co. Ford agency opened in 1921 and dissolved in 1929. Photo by Seityz, photo taken before 1928. Photo has two cars in the street.