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Photo of Howard Sanders Garage

Photograph of old automobiles at Howard Sanders Garage.

Photo of the Highfield Buick Co. Building on 315 S. Main St., Decatur, IL.

Photograph of the Highfield Buick Co. building located on 315 S. Main St., Decatur, IL.

Photos of Frede Chevrolet Building and Cars.

BS1473-chevrolet showroom in old coca cola bottling bldg002.jpg
Photographs of Frede Chevrolet Cars and Building, 300 Block E. Eldorado, Decatur, IL.

Photos of Staff El Bauer Chevrolet

BS1093-El Bauer Chevrolet 1956079.jpg
Photographs of the Staff of the El Bauer Chevrolet Auto Sales.

Photos Decatur Auto Wrecking.

BS1027-Decatur Auto Wrecking 2-18-1954-324.jpg
Photographs Decatur Auto Wrecking, engine, wrecked auto, and tire rims.

Photo of Cooper Oldsmobile Co. Building and some Automobiles.

BS1013-Cooper Oldsmobile Co-340-360 N Broadway-7-14-1950-091.jpg
Photograph of the Cooper Oldsmobile Co. Building located at 126 N. Franklin Street, Decatur, IL.