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David B. Parr

BIO302-PARR_DAVID_ 5-26-1917.jpg
Photograph of David B. Parr; former owner of the City Book Store (the firm of Parr and Parr) which was located at 124 Merchant St. He sold out and in 1917 they moved to Fayette County, IL. His wife was formerly household editor for the Decatur…

J. R. Paisley

BIO299-PAISLEY_J_R, 12-7-1913.jpg
Photograph of J. R. Paisley, President of the Standard Life Insurance Co. This company was brought to Decatur in 1911 through his efforts. It was then the Mutual Protective League of which he was supreme president. In 1914 the name was changed to…

Mrs. Frederick Pahmeyer (Laura W. Wikoff)

Photograph of Mrs. Frederick Pahmeyer; (Laura W. Wikoff); died 7/13/1933. She was for many years a member of the Decatur Woman's Club and prominent in civic affairs. Her husband, who died in 1921, was the founder of the Pahmeyer Cigar Factor which…

Honore Martyn Owen, Sr. and family

Photograph of Honore Martyn, Sr. (born 12/30/1866; died 11/6/1947) married Susanna Francis, 11/30//1892; son Honore Martyn Owen, Jr. and daughter Helen Francis who died in 1904; principal of Brown's Business College and Dean of Decatur Educators;…

Harry L. Oldham

Photograph of Harry L. Oldham; (born 1870; died 1/12/1926); married Marian Ewing; married Grace Johnson 1909; had insurance office in 1892 when he came to Decatur, then was manager of the Powers Block, left Decatur 1915. Photo by Hartley

Mrs. Sue T. Odor

Photograph of Mrs. Sue T. Odor; (born 1842; died 1930); daughter of Rev. John Tyler; member of Central Christian Church from 1856 until her death in 1930.

Clifford E. Ocheltree

Photograph of Clifford E. Ocheltree; (born 1/20/1874; died 7/14/1949); married Mary E. Moore; trainmaster on the Wabash R.R., began as a telegrapher 6/21/1893 and retired after 44 years, 6/30/1937; member First Presbyterian Church. Photo by Rembrandt…

William Niedermeyer

Photograph of William Niedermeyer; (died 9/25/1914). Decatur grocer for many years. He conducted his grocery store in the rear of his home at 646 W. North from about 1893 until he sold out in 1913. He was prominent in Macon Co. Old Settlers' Ass'n…

Jerry P. Nicholson

BIO290-NICHOLSON_JERRY, 3-9-1914.jpg
Photograph of Jerry P. Nicholson; (died Feb 25, 1917). He was first elected Macon County Sheriff in 1894. From 1906 to 1910 he served as a deputy. In 1910 he was again elected sheriff. After his first term as sheriff expires he was street…

John H. Neher

BIO288-NEHER_JOHN_H, 2-7-1931.jpg
Photograph of John H. Neher; (born 6/7/1860; died 4/10/1939; married Jennie Stockdale 11/22/1882; she died 9/2/1935). John was executive head of the Decatur Credit Rating bureau which he organized in 1923; member of Rotary Club, Decatur Club and…