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Luker Letter and Response - March 2009

This is a letter from a Mr. Steven Luker concerning a number of topics. The topics are: magazine subscriptions, Paris Match, Der Spiegel, collection analysis, the Annex, Sunday hours, and the bookmobile. The response from Lee Ann Fisher is also…

Long Range Plans - Decatur Public Library - 2004-2009 - October 2009

These are the Long Range Plans 2004-2009 for the Decatur Public Library from October 2009. These plans contain information on the introduction, mission statement, roles statement, planning and evaluation, library facilities and property, and library…

Local History Museum and Archive Development Analysis Report - September 2009

This is the local history room and archives development analysis report containing information dealing with asbestos containing material, renovation and construction, options, concerns, center map, and opening bid in September 2009

Per Capita Grant Application State of Illinois - October 2009

This is the Per Capita Grant Application of the Decatur Public Library to the State of Illinois in October 2009.

Interlibrary Loan Policy - Decatur Public Library - 2009

This is the interlibrary loan for the Decatur Public Library for 2009. It contains information on borrowing, expense, renewal, lender, receiving, ordering, request, returns, and request from other libraries.