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Decatur Public Library Local History Photo Collection

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Letter - Rolling Prairie Library - December 1982

This is a letter from RPL stating the deficit budget for 1982-1983. The following area will show less monies: salaries, films, professional position, continuing education, and DPL cataloger salary.

Decatur Public Library Board of Directors Meeting May 1995

These are the minutes of the Decatur Public Library Board of Trustees in May 1995. At this meeting the members discussed the city librarian's report, bookmobiles, RPLS, Personnel Policy and Public Relations, renovation location, salaries, Finance and…

Illinois State Public Library Annual Report

This is the annual report to the Illinois State Library from the Decatur Public Library. This reports includes information dealing with registered borrowers, number of books videos audiovisual and periodicals, amount of materials loaned, financial…

Annual budget Decatur Public Library 1989

This is the annual budget of the Decatur Public Library for 1989-1990. As per submitted by the Board of Trustees this budget includes revenue, expenditures, personal services, contactual services, capital outlay, trusts, investment income,…

Board of Directors Meeting on April 15, 1982

This is the agenda and minutes from the Board of Directors meeting on April 15, 1982. At this meeting the Board discussed committee reports, expenditures, attending a city council meeting in reference to the library budget, amending the library code…