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Photographs from the Powers Office Building Fire

Photographs from the April 7, 1914 fire that destroyed the Powers building properties at Water and Main streets. The properties destroyed and affected included the Powers estate, Linn & Scruggs store, the Leavenworth Store, the Powers Theater,…

Photographs from the Decatur Hotel and Arcade building Fire.

Photographs taken from the November 17, 1904 fire that occurred at the Decatur Hotel and Arcade building in downtown Decatur. The fire was discovered in the basement in engine room of the old Wait building, occupied by the hotel and department store,…

Photographs from the Central Malleable Iron Works Fire

Photographs from the Central Malleable Iron Works fire, formerly the Loeb foundry and Sattley foundry, located at 765 N. Lowber St. The fire was discovered at 10:30 p.m. on November 14, 1904, and was said to have been blazing for at least an hour…

Photographs from the American Hominy Company Fire

FR1-AMERICAN_HOMINY_CO-1, 11-27-1913.jpg
Photographs from the fire at the American Hominy Company formerly the Suffern & Hunt Mill, located at N. Union and the Wabash R.R. The fire started in the third story at 12:45 in the morning on November 27, 1913. Fire Chief Devore ordered out the…

Photograph of Charles W. Devore

FD86-DEVORE, CHARLES W, 3-31-1920.jpg
Photograph of Charles W. Devore; died March 31, 1920. Decatur Fire Chief for 30 years and on the Fire Department force for 36 years. He was appointed a member of the National Bureau of Fire Prevention. He was the last member of the first paid Fire…