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By-Laws - Decatur Public Library Foundation - May 1987

These are the by-law of the Decatur Public Library Foundation in May 1987. Included in the by-laws are the following: meetings, membership and share, board of directors, powers, articles of incorporation

Photographs of 595 Powers Lane
Photographs of 595 Powers Lane. This house was built by Samuel S. Powers in 1865. It was later the home of his sons, Frank S and Chauncy M. In 1941, the property was sold to H. Paul Tick and the house was demolished to make room for a new house.…

Photographs of 510 Powers Lane
Photographs of 510 Powers Lane. This house was built by Theron Powers about 1900. Fire partially destroyed it in 1915 but the house was rebuilt. It was bought from Mrs. Powers in May 1926 by Dr. Clyde H. Tearnan. Dr. Tearnan sold it in September 1949…

Photograph of the 1500 Block of E. Locust
Photograph of the house at the 1500 block of E. Locust St. This house was built around 1844 by Samuel Powers. It was torn down in 1914 as it extended into an alley when the powers addition was placed about 1914.

Photograph of 333 W. Decatur St.
Photograph of 333 W. Decatur St. This house was an old Powers home which was torn down about 1927 and W.S. Ridgly built a home there in 1928.

Photographs of the Orlando Powers House
Photographs of the Orlando Powers House at the corner of W. Decatur and Union Streets taken October 20, 1945.

Photographs of the Powers-Jarvis Mansion
Photographs of the Powers-Jarvis Mansion at 357 W. Decatur St. The house was built in 1910 by Charles G. Powers. John F. Wieser acquired the house in 1933 when it got involved in Florida land investments and was foreclosed. J.P. Gobberdiel bought it…

Photographs from the Powers Opera House Fire
Photographs from the November 4, 1895 Powers Opera House fire near East Main and Water streets. The origin of the fire was unknown, however the estimated loss was around $250,000. The Powers Opera house was announced to be rebuilt the very day after…

Photographs from the Powers Office Building Fire
Photographs from the April 7, 1914 fire that destroyed the Powers building properties at Water and Main streets. The properties destroyed and affected included the Powers estate, Linn & Scruggs store, the Leavenworth Store, the Powers Theater,…