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Photographs from the Powers Opera House Fire

FR101-POWERS OPERA HOUSE-1, 11-4-1895.jpg
Photographs from the November 4, 1895 Powers Opera House fire near East Main and Water streets. The origin of the fire was unknown, however the estimated loss was around $250,000. The Powers Opera house was announced to be rebuilt the very day after…

Photographs from the Powers Office Building Fire

Photographs from the April 7, 1914 fire that destroyed the Powers building properties at Water and Main streets. The properties destroyed and affected included the Powers estate, Linn & Scruggs store, the Leavenworth Store, the Powers Theater,…

Photographs from the Morehouse & Wells Fire

FR46-MOREHOUSE & WELLS-1, 8-22-1909.jpg
Several photographs from the August 22, 1909 Morehouse & Wells fire that took out nearly a block of downtown Decatur businesses. The fire started in the Morehouse & Wells building on East Main and destroyed half the block bounded by Merchant,…

Photographs from the Lyons Feed Store Fire

FR36-LYONS, GEO W FEED STORE, 8-27-1912.jpg
Photographs taken from the August 27, 1912 fire that occurred on Green St and affected many properties including the George W. Lyons Feed Store. The fire was discovered in the hay of the Lyons feed store and quickly spread throughout the store and to…

Photographs from the Millikin-McRoberts Building Fire

Photographs from the February 24, 1910 fire at the Millikin-McRoberts Building located at N. Franklin. The origin of the fire seemed to be near the elevator shaft, but the exact cause of the fire was unknown. The estimated loss of the building was…

Photographs from the Ehman Mantel Factory Fire

FR38-MANTEL FACTORY-1, 1-7-1911.jpg
Photographs from the January 7, 1911 fire at the Ehman Mantel Factory fire. The factory was located at the corner of Jasper and Garfield. The origin of the fire was unknown however the flames were discovered in the elevator shaft by Otto Ehman on the…

Photographs from the Decatur Hotel and Arcade Building Fire

FR18-DECATUR HOTEL & ARCADE-1, 4-21-1915.jpg
Photographs from the April 21, 1915 fire at the Decatur Hotel and Arcade building in downtown Decatur. The fire was discovered by an engineer in the boiler room of the basement of the hotels, but no explanation of how the fire had originated was…

Photographs from the Decatur Hotel and Arcade building Fire.

Photographs taken from the November 17, 1904 fire that occurred at the Decatur Hotel and Arcade building in downtown Decatur. The fire was discovered in the basement in engine room of the old Wait building, occupied by the hotel and department store,…

Photos of Decatur Cereal Mill Co.

Photograph BS92: of Decatur Cereal Co. Photo unused 12/18/1907. Located corner West Eldorado and Van Dyke Streets. Destroyed by fire in 1909. Photo: BS91 Decatur Cereal Co. Office corner W. Eldorado and Van Dyke. Photo BS93: Decatur Cereal Mill,…